Native Creative has been working with Zova for more than six years. During that time, the attention to detail and thoughtfulness applied by Native Creative across various aspects of the Zova brand has contributed greatly to our success.
— James Tonkin, Co-founder of Zova

Thanks so much Jo - it looks amazing!! I love my new logo!
— Anne Oliver, Director of Maison Creative

I highly recommend Johanna for any of your creative needs. She is not only a master of graphic and web design, but exceptionally creative! To begin with my Little Crumbs logo was nothing but a few key words which Johanna transformed into the beautiful logo I have today. Not only did she design something authentic and to brief, she hand painted the cupcake featured in the logo!
— Rachael Pen-dennis, Owner of Little Crumbs

Thank you so much for all the promotional material you designed for Hit 100.
A very professional job - it’s a pleasure working with you!!
— Karn Ghosh, CEO of Hit 100

OMG!! I love your work - it’s exactly what I envisioned. I appreciate your time and effort in developing multiple brands for our group of business ventures. We have a lot more work for you in the future!!! Exciting times. So lucky to have you as our designer and also my friend!! You are amazing, thank you. :)
— Aimee Pitman, Co-owner / Director of Voeuk Enterprises, Voeuk Foods & Fresh Point Co.

I LOVE this logo! You’re amazing!!!!! I’m so excited by the design! It’s exactly what I was after! And the way it’s now set up is my favourite thing ever! :)
— Marcie Lash, Owner of Con Her Body

Thank you so much for all your work on the roll out of the Ascender brand refresh and blog redesign. It looks great, we really appreciate your help!
— Sasha Nicoll, Marketing Manager of Ascender

I loved nothing more than having you recreate PATCHS t-shirt designs as I’ve seen your work and you’re just as fussy and as much of a perfectionist as me lol. Thank you so much for helping me out in the creative department as I’ve been getting around the business side of things. Cheers darl, Brayden
— Brayden Pratt, Founder & Designer of PATCHS Apparel

Thank you so much for your effort, thought and patience in the creation of the ‘Journey of Wellness’ brand. I really appreciate it as it inspires me to keep moving forward with my vision. Thank you for all your hard work and expertise. I really appreciate your creativity. Much Gratitude, Cam :)
— Cameron Ashley, Founder & Wholistic Health Coach of Journey of Wellness